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No Such Thing As Bad Light?

There is a saying in photography that there is “No such thing as bad light”. Whilst you may not come away with the image you were hoping for, there’s one thing for certain, if you don’t go, you won’t get anything. With this in mind, I set the alarm for early last Tuesday morning hoping to catch a window in some grey, wet weather. I headed over the moors to the coast and arrived at Runswick Bay on what proved to be a dull morning with heavy rain clouds on the horizon. A biting wind off the North Sea battered me as I set up my camera and tripod and I fired off a couple of un-inspiring frames.

At times like this it’s tempting to pack up and head for the nearest café, but I decided to stick with it and try a little harder. I had a wander around and soon found a composition I was happy with. The sky was pale and lacking any texture, so I decided a long exposure would give me a light-coloured foreground to match the light sky. I spent some time honing the image, before heading off for that coffee knowing that I had a shot in the bag on what was essentially a most un-promising day.

Runswick Bay

We’ve been very busy with exhibitions at Pickering TIC, ‘The Gallery’ at Guisborough, Whitby TIC and now the National Parks centre at Sutton Bank, but I did manage a dawn shoot at Runswick Bay.


Runswick is a place I’ve always ignored in the past in favour of Staithes and Robin Hood’s Bay, however it proved much more photogenic than I’d imagined and a cold, crisp, clear dawn greeted us giving us very soft subtle light. It’s definitely a place I’ll try again.