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DSLR vs Mirrorless – Part 2

Before I start, I’d like it to make it clear that these are purely my own thoughts on the subject and could easily prove to be well wide of the mark. Following on from my […]

SLR versus Mirrorless

I’ve been following the SLR versus mirrorless camera debate with interest for some time and thought I ought to add my four peneth to the debate. I’ve used Nikon SLR’s since going for autofocus in […]


Travelling Light

For almost as long as I can remember, photography for me has meant using a tripod, mirror up, cable release and square filters. Whilst this approach tends to make me slow down and be more […]


Awesome compact camera.

I’m not really into gear, I think the best piece of advice we could give anyone is use the camera you have and learn how to master it, but I’ve long been looking to replace […]

I’m not big into equipment, as I’m not the sort of person who has to have the latest gadget, but buying the best can often be the cheapest in the long run. The best is […]