Seeing The Wood For The Trees

Sunday afternoon saw me head over to the Wolds to join Paul Moon for a gentle walk around Millington woods. Millington is a lovely place, but a pretty dense piece of woodland, so separating any feature was always going to be a challenge. Though I was heartened when Paul mentioned that over the years he’s been coming to Millington, he’s only produced a handful of images he was happy with.

As we wandered up the valley I have to admit I struggled to see anything that really captured my imagination. Anyone one who knows me will know that I rarely shoot a scene that has more than three trees in it, so I was always going to be out of my comfort zone in this dense woodland. Whilst the weather was fine, the light levels in the woods were low, so even shooting details of leaves proved to be difficult hand held, so it was a case of having to use the tripod at all times.800-1-13973-rb

By the time we reached the head of the valley I was feeling pretty un-inspired, then I finally spotted a tree I liked the look of lit by the soft light of the late afternoon. As we headed towards the high path I spotted another tree I could separate from the tangle of trees, so my enthusiasm levels were definitely growing at last. Was I finally seeing the wood from the trees?

800-1-13978-rbAs we progressed back down towards the bottom of the valley Paul kept saying, “have a look in there Richard, there’s a nice beech tree”. So I was duly despatched into the thick undergrowth to explore. At first I was un-convinced, then I spotted a tree that was a nice contrasting colour to the trees around it, but I was left wondering how to capture it when I spotted a different angle to approach it from. Bingo a tree nicely separated by it’s colouration rather than physically and a great foreground too! Finally, I could come home happy that I had a nice image in the bag.


Thanks to Paul for organising what proved to be an enjoyable and satisfying trip out to such a challenging location.

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