SLR versus Mirrorless

I’ve been following the SLR versus mirrorless camera debate with interest for some time and thought I ought to add my four peneth to the debate.

I’ve used Nikon SLR’s since going for autofocus in 1994 and always been happy with the quality and the handling of these cameras. I’m very happy with my current D800 which gives excellent picture quality, but it does have one large drawback………….. With a lens fitted, it’s the size and weight of two house bricks and I’d really love to lose some of that weight.

I’m also the proud owner of a mint Olympus OM1 which is half the size and weight of a DSLR, yet is still full frame. Plus an Olympus OMD – EM1 mk1 which I use as a “walk about” camera when I get sick of carrying the Nikon kit about. The OMD is literally half the size and weight of the D800, but whilst the picture quality is quite good, it falls a long way short of the D800, particularly in low light. Added to that, anything above ISO 200 and it’s quite noisy, so it’s not on my list as a possible replacement for the D800. The OMD EM1 mk2 reckons to be a big improvement (At three times the cost of my mk1!), but I’ll wait and try an EM1 mk3 before I consider a change of system. The Sony A7R looks to be a fine camera, but I really don’t want to change systems if I can avoid it.

Travelling to Greenland earlier this year and suffering from the mirror freezing up on my SLR on several occasions, really brought it home to me that it’s high time the mirror was declared obsolete. After all, the SLR with a flappy mirror has been around for something like a hundred years, so surely, we have the technology to replace it by now!

Back in 2004, many people said that digital cameras would not catch on, but that was the tipping point, DSLR’s had reached the main stream and took off from that point. I believe that we have almost reached that tipping point with mirrorless, we only need one more major manufacturer to bring out a top level camera to rival the Sony and we’ll see the demise of the SLR.

I’m certain the Nikon D850 is a very fine camera, but I for one have no inclination to buy another brick. In my opinion, if Nikon and Canon don’t come out with mirrorless cameras to rival the Sony A7 and A9 very soon, then they are destined to lose their places as markets leaders.

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