DSLR vs Mirrorless – Part 2

Before I start, I’d like it to make it clear that these are purely my own thoughts on the subject and could easily prove to be well wide of the mark.

Following on from my blog post on the subject of DSLR vs Mirrorless in November, I’ve been following the Nikon rumour mill with some interest. Back in January, the internet was alive with predictions that Nikon would announce a top end mirrorless camera in February, however that seems to have gone quiet for now.

I’ve also spent some time trying to get my head round the need for the oft rumoured Z-mount. There’s always been plenty of diagrams and maths on the internet, but very little sign of an explanation of why it’s needed. Fortunately, it seems that the new mount will allow Nikon to design some new, more compact lenses, which if correct is great news.

The big negative that some people were citing, is whether Nikon can produce an EVF to rival that of the Sony A7R mk111, from a standing start, but only time will tell.

Sony, Fuji, Sigma and Olympus are all eating into the market share Nikon and Canon have long enjoyed and with Nikon’s shaky financial state at the moment, they need something to revive their fortunes. A mirrorless camera would be cheaper to produce than a DSLR, so Nikon could do like Porsche did with the Cayman vs the Boxster and charge more for a cheaper product!

However, it struck me that announcing a camera that essentially uses D850 technology, would be very bad marketing right now and would compete with the D850 for sales. In my humble opinion, they need to wait for possibly up to a year from the launch of the D850 to allow the D850 to get fully established in the market.

I recently went on an Olympus day to try the EM1 mk2 and their super 12-100 f4 lens and it is very good, but right this moment I’m minded to sit tight and see how the market works out, but a light mirrorless Nikon camera, with a compact lens sounds just the product I’m looking for.

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