The Sunset That Just Kept Giving

I have to admit I’m guilty of a crime! I have a policy, no matter how disappointing a sunset is, I mustn’t leave the location for at least 15-30 minutes after the sun has set just in case the afterglow lights up the sky. But I’m guilty of not following my own advice sometimes and very occasionally I’ve left early and seen a lovely afterglow in the sky in the rear-view mirror as I’ve driven home.

However, this evening at Dunure castle was different. We’d been to Dunure the previous day to recce the location, then returned in good time that evening. I’d had time to do another recce and check out exactly where the light was going to be at its best, chosen my vantage point, then returned to the car for a quick coffee. Three quarters of an hour before sunset, a few more photographers arrived, so I hurried back to my chosen vantage point to claim my place. Fortunately, I was shielded by some rocks, so wasn’t in the other photographers’ way.

As the sun sank, we got some nice warm light on the castle, but 20 minutes before sunset, the light went dull on the castle, so I joined the dozens of other people lined up on the hill top to enjoy the sight of the sun setting over Arran.

About half an hour after sunset, we packed up and headed back towards our base in Maidens, whilst keeping an eye on the sky as we went, but all the time we were expecting the afterglow to fade. By the time we reached Maidens village the light on the water towards Ailsa Craig was looking pretty surreal, so we carried on and headed for Turnberry in the hope of getting a good angle on Ailsa Craig.

Once clear of Turnberry village Janet managed to get a shot of Ailsa Craig with the subtle pink glow, but as we headed back towards Maidens again, now a good hour after sunset, the sky just continued to glow, so I parked up in Turnberry and walked down onto the beach. Despite being well over an hour after sunset the subtle pink glow over Arran still looked great, so I couldn’t resist one last shot. It just goes to prove that I was right all along, never ever give up too soon, as you never know how the sky is going to look when the afterglow kicks in.

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