Combatting The Dreaded Midge

I read Mike Price’s blog about “Netspex” with interest some time ago, but when we were preparing to go to North Uist, we found that Netspex were out of production, so we had to look at little further.

We all know how irritating midges can be, so some form of head protection is a must on warm summer evenings. We already had hats with midge nets which work fairly well at keeping the little blighters at bay, but seeing through the net to take photos is an issue, so some form of visor is a must.

The Netspex option looked good with the net attached to a pair of safety glasses, but with them being out of production, we had to search a bit further for a solution. Janet did a search on the internet came across the “Purple Turtle” head net with its sewn in visor panel. This gives you a reasonable field of view to see through and operate the camera and also has the advantage of folding flat, so it’s easy to stow in your camera bag. I use the laptop compartment to store gloves, hat, goretex balaclava etc., so this midge net goes in there with everything else very nicely.

We’ve only done a quick field test so far and found that you do need to wear a hat as well to keep the net in position. Only time will tell if this net proves to be a success, but so far it looks very promising. I’ll do a part 2 to this blog, if I get a chance to use the net before summer fades into autumn.

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