Flying Teeth!!!

Luskintyre Sunset

Sunday evening and the sky looked really promising, so we headed out to the end of Luskentyre bay, but the midges were out in force. I did some exploring on the beach, then got set up, but was driven away from the camera by the midges. I took refuge on the beach until the sun started to set, but had to move the camera on to the beach because of the midge problem. As the sunset strengthened, the midges gathered and we had the ridiculous scenario where I would dive in, take a quick photo, then run off shouting in agony and waving my hat in the air. Every five minutes I would run in, snatch the camera and run off to a new vantage point, only to be followed by the little b******s! I ended up barely able to stay long enough to review each shot after I’d taken it and the last few shots were blurred. It must have looked really bizarre to any onlookers seeing me running round in circles, waving my hat in the air and screaming at the top of my voice. I ended up sweating profusely I was so stressed!

In the end I don’t feel I did the sunset justice.

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