Christmas Cameras

A Christmas brochure from WEX Photographic popped through my post box the other day. I was having a look through it over a cup of coffee and it struck me that all the major camera manufacturers were offering mk3 this and mk4 that, all hoping we would dig deep into our pockets and upgrade to the latest mega camera and new lenses.

It struck me that now is actually a very good time for anyone on a limited budget, as there’s so many high spec cameras available second hand. For instance, if you wanted to upgrade to “full Frame”, you could pick up a good Nikon D800 for around £800. If you’d prefer new rather than second hand, what about a Nikon D750 from WEX from £999. Or better still a D750 with a 24-120 f4 lens for £1500, surely a bargain?

With so many people changing to mirrorless, there’s also an amazing amount of Nikon D850’s to be had on the second-hand market. But as people migrate to mirrorless, there’s also going to be a lot of very high spec f-mount lenses hitting the second-hand market as they are forced to change lenses to the new larger mount spec.

So, if you don’t mind not having the very latest thing it’s a great time to come away with a bag full of really good spec kit at a fraction of the new price.

Now when’s that Nikon Z9 due out?………….

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