What’s my direction in Photography?

As another year draws to a close, I suppose many of us are pondering where we a heading in life and photography and none more so than me.

I have to admit I’ve been wrestling with this dilemma for the last 18 months or so. I started 2018 full of confidence in my photography. I read about many people’s anguish as they searched for inspiration and new directions in their photography, whilst I felt energised and full of confidence that I knew exactly what I wished to do and where I was heading. My heart was deeply into the “high key” monochrome images we love to produce and the “Beast from the east” gave us a late season boost to continue with these images.

However, my dilemma is what shoot for the rest of the year?…………

My interest in bold sunsets and stock landscape has been diminishing for some time, but how do I produce images in the style we have adopted when the sun is shining? I’ve supposedly been working on a project to shoot the local coast at dawn and dusk for several years, but I have to say that my heart just isn’t in it any more and I struggle to motivate myself to head to the coast for a summer sunset, let alone a sunrise!

By the start of this year I’d pretty much decided that I would wind down the sunset and stock images and concentrate on mono, when we were approached by a new customer to supply a significant quantity of local colour images. Add in several good pay days for stock images, some book work and suddenly I needed to motivate myself again, as the income is too good to ignore.

But what about personal satisfaction? I derive much more pleasure from a subtle misty image than I do from a bold sunset, so I’m just going to have to figure out how to produce images in this vein throughout the rest of the year. So watch this space and see if I can work it out.


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