You Get What You Pay For, Or Do You?

I’m a big believer in the saying “you get what you pay for”. My filter buying history, before I finally settled on a set of good quality 100mm filters is a long and sorry tale. Ever since then though, my mantra has always been to “buy good quality” every time.

I’ve been using an “Kirk” arca swiss type quick release on my tripod for many years, but I’ve finally tired of the screw up type clamp and decided I’d prefer to have a lever type clamp that really would be quick release. My initial search on the internet revealed a very limited choice from the “Really Right Stuff” clamp at an eye-watering £160, to the Andoer at £16 and very few other alternatives.

I was expecting to pay in the region of £50-60, but £160 for the RRS was out of the question for something that was a “nice to have” rather than essential. Now I would normally not even consider an item as cheap as the Andoer, but it had 39 five-star reviews on Amazon, so I decided against my better judgement, to give it a try. Sods law dictated that the moment I pressed the “place order” button, an advert for a “Three Legged Thing” quick release popped up on my screen at £62. I’ve become a bit of a fan of TLT’s products of late; I have one of their L-brackets and I’m very impressed with the quality, the fit and the price, so this is one I would have gone for had I found their advert sooner.

However, initial impressions of the Andoer are very favourable. It seems well designed and well-made and works fine. It even has an adjustment screw to compensate for differences in quick release plate size, which is a plus point. I ended up paying the pricely sum of £13.89 for it, which wouldn’t have been out of the way for the quick release plate alone!

I’ve been using it for about a month now and does seem to be every bit as good as it looks, so only time will tell whether the Andoer does prove to be a good buy or not.

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