Isle of Harris

Traigh Bhuirgh Sunset 1

Traigh Bhuirgh Sunset 2

I had an interesting lesson last night. The weather had been great all day with blue skies and interesting white cloud (Great for stock photography) and as evening approached the warm low angle light looked great and another super sun set looked very to on the cards. I’d done some more exploring during the day and decided to try Traigh Bhuirgh.

However with an hour to go, clouds started to gather and it looked a lot less promising. We sat in the car at Traigh Iar with closed minds and all we could see was heavy cloud on the horizon, but I decided I’d still give Traigh Bhuirgh a try. As walked down the beach I spotted some great rock formations,  so despite the negative feelings towards the sky I decided to take a test shot and was blown away with the results. The light on the rocks was good and the use of a wide angle lens (24mm) had rendered the narrow band of heavy cloud fairly insignificant in the photo.

Moral of the story is to always keep your eyes and particularly your mind open to the possibilities around you, for they may prove better than you expected.

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