The Lazy Photographer’s Guide to Shooting Sunsets

The second week in May saw us on the lovely Isle of Mull, staying in a cottage on the north west corner of the island. Our cottage is less than 50 yards from the sea, with views to the north over Skye, Rhum and Eigg, with Coll and Tiree to our left and Uist far off in the distance.

We spend our evenings watching the light paint ever changing pictures on Ardnamurchan and the light coming and going over Rhum. The rabbits and birds entertain us by going about their daily business and the otters are regular visitors to the bay.

Who needs David Attenborough, or the television for that matter.

Wednesday night looked promising, with a thin layer of cloud over Rhum that looked as though it would light up at sunset. We sat there with a glass of wine watching the ever changing light develop, then a squall slowly moved in from the east. It was going to be close, would the sun set before the squall obscured Rhum altogether!

At 9pm I finished my glass of wine, put on outdoor clothes and walked a couple of hundred yards to the headland to capture the sun setting over Coll. Meanwhile Janet kept a watchful eye on Rhum and captured this dramatic shot as the squall passed over the island.

Back at the cottage by 9.30 for more wine, feeling very pleased with our evenings work.

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