Olympic Torch Relay Pickering 18th June 2012

Sunday evening saw us arriving home after a successful exhibition on Pickering station and depositing the mess from this exhibition amongst the mayhem of ongoing project to frame 50 prints for a forthcoming major exhibition at the stephen Joseph theater in Scarborough. So as you can see we are pretty busy at the moment! Once unloaded the rest of the evening was spent cleaning cameras and loading up camera bags ready for shooting the Olympic Torch relay in Ryedale. Whitby was crowded when I arrived, but I have to say that the metropolitan police handled the organisation for the photographers with notable good humoured efficiency, with pauses for photo shoots on the approach to the station entrance and another lengthy photo shoot at the end of the station platform, prior to boarding the train.

Once back in Pickering it was over to Janet to capture the flame arriving in Pickering, then over to the rest of the team to capture the various hand over points. Idea of the day went to Scott Wardle of “Life Photography” for turning up with a cherry picker and getting some unique aerial shots of the torch relay going round the roundabout.

All in all a pretty satisfying job well done.

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