The Frustrations of Being a Landscape Photographer

The changeable weather we having been having this summer is proving very challenging as it is so hard deciding when the weather is going to be good and when it’s going to close in.

The weekend before last saw us at Danby for the “Your Place Meet the artist” event at the Moors centre, so we took the opportunity to try and capture some shots of Danby Dale, but the weather refused to cooperate, so we moved on to the coast at Saltburn for the sunset. Unfortunately the cloud closed in at the coast, so we came home disappointed.

This weekend saw us back at Danby replacing pictures that had sold, so we decided to have another go at photographing Danby Dale. As we left the Moors centre the skies opened and the rain came pouring down! We sat for an hour and half waiting to see if it would stop, knowing that if the sky did clear the conditions would be great. The sun did duly come out and the warm evening light was glorious on the dales, although very windy, so we spent the next hour and a half capturing Danby dale and Rigg in this glorious light.I thought that I knew all the roads in the Esk Valley but Janet managed to take me on one I don’t think I had ever been on before (top of Rosedale head to Danby via Danby Castle and Ainthorpe) It was a great find, with lots of potential for landscape photography.

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  1. Rod Friday, August 3, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Great panoramas Richard.

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