Sutton Bank Sunset

I’ve been trying for a few years to capture a winter sunset at Sutton Bank, but one of our early attempts a couple of years ago end when Janet slipped and broke her ankle. It was a sunset to die for, but I didn’t think she would have appreciated me going off for half an hour to capture it, while she laid in the mud in agony waiting for the ambulance!

I did manage to capture a reasonable sunset at Sutton Bank early last November, but I wanted to see if I could do any better, so I decided to try again last Friday. The sky didn’t look too promising when I arrived and it was generally quite dull, but the sky did colour up beautifully just on sunset.

It’s one thing going with a particular image in mind, but you have to keep your mind open to other possibilities and in the end I came home with an interesting, but totally different image to any I had imaged.

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