Awesome compact camera.

I’m not really into gear, I think the best piece of advice we could give anyone is use the camera you have and learn how to master it, but I’ve long been looking to replace my beloved Olympus AX film compact. This great little camera travelled the world with me and its superb quality lens and unrivalled low light metering meant we were able to capture some great shots by virtue of always having a camera with us. We shot balloons and rallies at night and it way outperformed my state of art modern SLR I currently use.

When it finally died full of African dust, I tried many other compacts such as the Minox and the much vaunted Ricoh GR1 and found they didn’t compare. Come the digital age I looked at many offerings from Nikon, Canon and Fuji and hated them all, but I’ve finally found one that meets my requirements. It’s the Canon G1X and initial impressions are that it’s an awesome piece of kit, with great picture quality and very good handling. The downsides are that it’s expensive, large and heavy, but the build quality and controls rival most high end SLR’s, so it would be a great camera for anyone travelling who wants to produce good quality photos.


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