With the fields full of buttercups in Ryedale, the Yorkshire Wolds promised to be a riot of wild flowers and we weren’t disappointed. We passed through a heavy shower as we drove over early in the morning, but this only served to make the air clearer. We spent a happy morning watching roosting Tawny owls in Fotherdale, then headed to the pub for a leisurely lunch whilst dodging another heavy shower.

The sky cleared again mid afternoon, so we headed for Fridaythorpe to shoot a wonderful field of red and white campion. Once we felt we had done this justice we headed for Thixendale where we were able to shoot huge arcs of cow parsley and buttercups in Frendal dale, then headed off again to try and capture some more campion in Scoardale.

Conscious that the light goes off these deep dales long before sunset, we headed for one shoot at Horse dale, arriving just in time to catch the last rays of sunlight on the trees in the bottom of the dale.

We returned home 12 hours after setting out, happy in the knowledge that we had captured a really nice selection of images. Now all we need is for the poppies to burst into bloom.

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