Northern Light Exhbition Danby Moors Centre

Had a great opening day at the Danby exhibition and despite the dull cold weather we had a great turnout which kept us talking to friends old and new all afternoon. Graham started the ball rolling by selling one of his pieces of sculpture within the first 30 minutes and we followed with some good sales as the afternoon progressed. One of Janet’s winter scenes is now on its way to Cameroon where it is currently 40 degrees centigrade!

A big thank you to Sally for providing us with a lovely white painted room which complemented our stark black and white images perfectly. Thanks also to all the people who made the trip to Danby making the meet the artist afternoon such a good event. Here’s looking forwards to meeting many more people on the weekends we’re at the exhibition, so why not drop us a line if you are thinking of going and we’ll let you know if we can make it.

Ps. The Woolley Sheep café has blueberry cheese cake to die for!

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