Gullible’s Travels to Northumberland

After a busy August recording the heather on the moors, September proved to be a less productive month with continuous grey, overcast days and none of the hoped for misty, bright mornings so we decided to head to Northumberland for a few days. We based ourselves in a flat in Beadnell village, which is a really handy centre to get to all the “sights” from Budle Bay to Dunstanburgh and only 30 minutes door to harbour to Holy Isle.

We arrived on a bright, sunny afternoon and headed down to Beadnell harbour to catch the evening light. Beadnell is unique for an east coast harbour in that it faces west, so a great location for a sunset. I really did have to have a look at the map to get my head around how it really could be west facing!


As the sun sank in the sky the light got really nice and we were treated to a good sunset, then just before I considered packing up, a chink of red light appeared in the sky, then it just lit up like it was on fire. There were quite a few people in the harbour waiting for the sunset, but I don’t think any of us were expecting such a spectacle.

A dramatic sunset over Beadnell harbour

I headed back down to Beadnel harbour the following morning, but the sky was too clear and the sunrise was disappointing, so I soon headed back to the flat for breakfast. After breakfast we took a ride up the coast to Holy Isle on a bright clear day with chocolate box white clouds. I shot a bit of stock, whilst Janet enjoyed herself doing the boat huts and the priory in infra-red.



The second evening at Beadnel harbour proved to be nearly as good a s the first one with another pretty spectacular sunset.


For day 3, I had planned a dawn shoot at Low Newton, but overall cloud put paid to any real photography that day.

The weather forecast was good for the next day and the tide was favourable, so we rose early and headed for Holy Isle again, just getting on to the island with a bit of time to spare before the incoming tide closed the causeway for a few hours. We parked up near the harbour on what was looking a very promising morning with a few clouds for the light to bounce off. As the light strengthened, the pink colour in the sky got stronger, giving great silhouettes with lovely pink reflections in the calm water. All pretty standard stuff, but rather nice all the same.


Once the sun was up it really did become too bright, so we headed down the causeway to shoot fences on the dunes in mono and infra-red. By the time we got back to the apartment it was time to pack up ready to leave the following morning. The weather was due to change for the worse overnight, so we were happy to go knowing we had some good shots in the bag.


Next destination Loch Ard for the autumn colour.


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