Light, Camera, Passion

This say photography is all about light, composition and passion, but to my mind it’s light that is right up there at the top of the list.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a heavy frost and a bit of mist. Perfect conditions for photography, so despite being full of a Christmas cold, I dragged myself down the Costa Beck for a walk to see what I could find. The conditions should have been perfect, but nothing captured my imagination as it all looked a bit dull and flat to me. At the time I thought it was my lack of enthusiasm through feeling ill that was the problem.



So fast forward to Sunday and I woke later than intended after a bad night’s sleep and equally lacking in enthusiasm to Wednesday morning. This time the frost on the ground was even heavier and the sun was just coming up over the trees as I walked down the river, but this time the land was alive with splashes of gorgeous warm winter light. All of a sudden the enthusiasm, nay the passion was there; I could see compositions and the scenes ignited my imagination!


As I walked further down the river I saw deer in the distance, then they walked closer illuminated by this golden light, oh for a lens longer than the 24-70 I had on the camera! As I walked further back up the river, I met other people who were filled with enthusiasm about what they had seen and all was well in our little part of the world.


I love the fact that despite living in a town, I only have to walk a mile to get scenes like these and as I reflected on a good morning out, I realised that without that light there is no composition and the passion came from my reaction to what I saw before me.

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