Flying Scotsman Reliability Trial

When we heard that the Flying Scotsman reliability trial for pre-war vintage cars was passing through the area we knew exactly where to go to catch it. The rally started from Oulton Hall Hotel near Leeds early on Friday morning. with the goal of reaching Gleneagles resort on Sunday afternoon. So doing 750 miles over 3 days in these old cars was no mean feat.


The cars were due to come down Rosedale Chimney bank and back up the hill past the Milburn Arms on their way to Goathland, so we decided to catch the first cars on the uphill before shooting over to Goathland to see them at Scripps garage in Aidensfield. Unfortunately I got summoned to an important business meeting with a potential new outlet, so we had to forego seeing them at Rosedale, leaving us to head direct to Goathland arriving just in nice time before the first cars landed. The sun was shining and the village was crowded with tourists and many of rally followers and marshals were dressed period costume, so there was no shortage of character. With the added bonus of the Aidensfield garage as a backdrop we were likely to be able to shoot some nice local stock images.


The old cars sounded glorious as they roared in and there was a great atmosphere with some fairly colourful characters to welcome to competitors at the time control. After a while I moved down to the railway bridge to try and shoot the cars with the station as a backdrop, but this proved really difficult owing to the speed they were travelling.


Despite the lovely bright sky, a cold north wind was blowing, so once the bulk of the competitors had passed, we headed to the pub for lunch and a warm up. Events like this are definitely great for the local economy and this one was a good opener for a weekend soon to be dominated by the steam gala on the North York Moors railway, so the area was set for a good early season boost.


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