Travelling Light

For almost as long as I can remember, photography for me has meant using a tripod, mirror up, cable release and square filters. Whilst this approach tends to make me slow down and be more measured in my approach, it can also be more restrictive, particularly now I use a backpack rather than a shoulder bag, I tend to be much more reluctant to stop and take the odd quirky detail shot. This has led to my photography becoming much less spontaneous.



In the past when on week long trips like this, I end up getting tired of carrying the heavy backpack and tripod and eventually give up and go for walks without a camera, just to get a rest from it. This usually resulted in my regretting not having a camera when I spotted something interesting. My solution was to buy a Canon G1X compact camera. My first impressions of this camera were that it was excellent and produced first class results, but as I pushed it harder in less favourable light conditions, it soon became apparent that it had some limitations, particularly in low light, so it soon lost favour.



This trip to Cape Wrath has proved to be so windy that using a tripod at all has become almost impossible, so I’ve had to resort to using the camera hand held and I must say I’m finding this quite liberating! I’m able to travel light with just the SLR fitted with the 24-120 lens and a screw on 2 stop ND grad. No tripod to carry and no big weight around my neck. I can walk for miles without suffering stiff shoulders and I’m free to shoot all those quirky details such as interesting rocks and seaweed patterns and suddenly my photography is much more spontaneous again. It’s very liberating!



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