Getting to Know Your Own Patch

Constantly photographing the same place may seem like a waste of time at first, but in reality, the light and the conditions are never the same twice, so it can be an interesting and challenging […]

SLR versus Mirrorless

I’ve been following the SLR versus mirrorless camera debate with interest for some time and thought I ought to add my four peneth to the debate. I’ve used Nikon SLR’s since going for autofocus in […]


The Art of Printing

“The negative is the score; the print is the performance” Ansel Adams It’s a sad fact that these days fewer and fewer of us print our work. Digital files on the internet have an impact […]


Going the Extra Mile

I’m always much happier shooting at little known locations, so with this in mind, I headed for Nelly Ayre Foss last week, rather than one of the better-known waterfalls. I’d heard of Nelly Ayre, but […]


Surviving Photographing in Extremely Cold Conditions

Greenland, a land of such incredible beauty, that words and pictures just can’t do it justice, but also a place with some pretty savage temperatures. Now us photographers are a strange bunch, whereas your average […]


St. Kilda – Part 2. A photographer’s Perspective

I’d actually been to St. Kilda on 3 separate occasions, prior to this trip. St. Kilda is renowned for it’s bad weather, but on each occasion I’d been, I’d landed on a bright, sunny, warm […]