Light At The End Of The Tunnel

With the onset of the “lockdown” in April, the world for many of us simply closed down and we saw our turnover plummet. Then to make matters worse, as some galleries prepared to close their […]


Are We About To Witness The Death Of The DSLR?

Once again, these views are entirely my own and this piece is aimed to provoke discussion, so you are quite welcome to disagree with me if you wish. Way back in 2018, I wrote a […]


Losing Weight

I have to admit, I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while. Well not me personally, but my camera kit. I’ve been trying to save weight across the board, so I’m looking at every […]


Early Work

  I’m sure like us, many of you have had the same irritating comment when you are exhibiting your work. “That’s a nice photo, what camera did you use?” So, the questioner is always disappointed […]


You Get What You Pay For, Or Do You?

I’m a big believer in the saying “you get what you pay for”. My filter buying history, before I finally settled on a set of good quality 100mm filters is a long and sorry tale. […]


A Decade In Photography

  With another year and in fact another decade having drawn to a close, many of us have been reflecting on our photographic journeys and posting their “best 9 images” from Instagram. But a blog […]