Uummannaq  – Part 2

The weather finally cleared and we flew to the remote airstrip at Qaarsut settlement, before making the short hop to Uummannaq island by helicopter. Whilst Uummannaq is the main hub town for the area, there […]


Uummannaq, The Heart Shaped Mountain – Part 1

March 2022 Greenland, a land of icebergs and Inuit’s. Conventional wisdom says Greenland is only visited by intrepid explorers’ like Amundson and a few hardy trekkers who come in the summer, but ordinary people like […]


Surviving Photographing In Extremely Cold Conditions – Part 2

I don’t profess to be an expert on these matters and the comments below are purely my opinion, but after 5 trips to the arctic, I feel I do have a handle on what works […]


Buyer Beware

As a landscape photographer, I rarely use long lens, in fact I’m very conscious that I don’t even use my 70-200 lens as often as I should, but I do have a number of projects […]


Bluebell Heaven

The weather’s gone totally haywire this year and the seasons seem to be out of kilter; this meant spring ran very late and we were still chasing bluebells in early June. We ended up visiting […]


You Can’t Win ‘Em All

It must have been something like 10 years ago when I was watching an episode of “Coast” on the TV with Nick Crane walking out to Sandwood Bay and I was blown away with what […]