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St. Kilda – Part 2. A photographer’s Perspective

I’d actually been to St. Kilda on 3 separate occasions, prior to this trip. St. Kilda is renowned for it’s bad weather, but on each occasion I’d been, I’d landed on a bright, sunny, warm […]


St. Kilda – Part 1, The Motivation

   I’d been aware of the isles of St. Kilda for many years, but it was a television programme with Bill Oddie that brought it to the front of my mind, then whilst planning a […]


Project St. Kilda

Janet often tells me I can be very negative, but I can also be very tenacious when I set my mind to doing something I really want to do and my pet project of camping […]


Project St. Kilda

Skye My pet project to camp and photograph on St. Kilda is proving to be a much harder nut to crack than I imagined. My first attempt in September 2013 resulted in us sitting in […]


Islands in the Mist / Sun

With the surge in interest in landscape photography in recent years, all us landscape photographers are in danger of following each other around the same iconic locations in the world, so the opportunity to find […]