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Keeping An Open Mind

Last Friday afternoon saw us heading for Whitby to deliver some stock to the Art Café. It was a lovely evening, so after a walk along the cliff top, we treated ourselves to a bar […]


Whitby Sunset

A couple of weeks ago we joined some friends on a group outing to Whitby on what proved to be a bright, sunny afternoon. I didn’t feel very inspired in the afternoon, but once we’d […]


Whitby Sunrise

We’ve had a great run of lovely sunrises recently, so after capturing a reasonable on land shot, I was keen to get to the coast and capture one over water. Saturday morning saw us up […]


Dawn at Sandsend 17-10-10

We all like a lie in on a Sunday, so with the sun rising at a leisurely 7.30, we were able to lie in until 5.30……….. After a couple of weeks of overcast skies (Always […]