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Keeping An Open Mind

The Making of the Reine Panorama Following the interest in Janet’s Reine panorama image, I thought a brief account of how this set of images came about might be of interest. We’d arrived in Reine […]


Lofoten Islands

For anyone looking for a photo adventure, the Lofoten islands off arctic Norway might just be the place for you. It’s more compact than Iceland and still relatively unknown, though it is gaining popularity very […]


Lofoten March 2013

A selection of my images from our trip to the Lofoten islands in early March. After a few days of rain the snow returned and we even saw the sun!


Lofoten 2013

Tired of following everyone else around the same old places, we decided to do something totally different in March2012 and went to the Lofoten islands off the arctic coast of Norway. The Lofotens are the […]


Lofoten 2013

At last, the Lofoten Island trip is sorted, all we need now is some snow, Auroras, & great light…….    


Flying North for the Winter!

Early March saw us embark on a great adventure to the Lofoten Isles off northern Norway deep inside the arctic circle. We are often drawn to remote islands, but this has to be our most […]