Bluebell Heaven

The weather’s gone totally haywire this year and the seasons seem to be out of kilter; this meant spring ran very late and we were still chasing bluebells in early June. We ended up visiting one of our favourite bluebell woods on the North York moors in late May and found the bluebells still in full bloom, but the late season meant that the canopy of leaves was further on than normal, so whilst it looked nice, shooting options were very limited.


However, we were driving home when a flash of blue in a river valley caught our eyes, so we parked up and went to investigate. We’d found a rather nice wooded glade with plenty of bluebells, but Janet happened on a gate to public right of way that led up the river valley. Passing through that gate it was like we’d just entered Narnia! We’d entered a magical land of glorious, craggy ancient oak trees surrounded by a carpet of bluebells. We spent some time exploring, but by now the sun was getting high and light was getting harsh, so we vowed to return again in a few days’ time.

Later that week, we rose early to a lovely cloudy, bright morning, so headed back to the oak wood. It really was lovely, but we were rather disappointed to see that some of the bluebells had been trampled. At this point my mind was racing at the prospect of putting on a bluebell workshop here next year, but the more I thought about it, the more I became concerned about the bluebells suffering if this ever became a well-known location.

I’m not normally precious about locations, but I’ve decided to keep this one under my hat. I’ve come to the conclusion that its far more important to preserve the bluebells intact, than it is for me to try and make some money put of them.

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