Scarborough Sunrise

Conscious that we’d spent a lot of time framing pictures to replace ones that had sold recently and very little time actually out shooting, we made a last minute decision  to go to Scarborough to shoot the dawn last Sunday. As April draws on, dawn shoots become ever more anti-social so sunsets now have much more appeal as they happen late evening rather than the 4am start we had on Sunday! This means you can get your tea before you go and still get to the pub before closing time!

We had a couple of ulterior motives with Scarborough as it’s one of a few gaps in my coast dawn to dusk project, but we also have an exciting new exhibition coming up in Scarborough in July, so we thought we ought to have some Scarborough shots for that . More news to follow in the “what’s on section” coming soon.

As always with landscape, you are very dependent on the weather conditions, so we were a little perturbed when in snowed on the way to Scarborough! Conditions weren’t  great though but the squally conditions did give us some interesting skies, so it just proves the old adage there’s no substitute for getting out there and giving it a go.

700-1-7635-r     700-2-1886-j     700-2-1948-j

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