I’ve been meaning to return to Flamborough for a couple of years, but other things always got in the way. I’ve been working on a project recording the Yorkshire coast at dawn and dusk for about 4 years now, but a couple of poor summers had meant I still had a few locations to complete and Flamborough was one of them.


I needed to test my new camping gear in preparation for my forthcoming St. Kilda trip, so this was an ideal opportunity to combine the two. I arrived mid afternoon and did a quick recce, then decided to book a campsite, but the first one turned me away on the grounds it was a family only site. I ended up on a site a couple of miles away, which wasn’t ideal, then after a quick sandwich and a drink and it was down to work. The glare of the hot afternoon soon gave way to warm evening light and Thornwick Bay proved an excellent place to capture the sun setting in the sea.


I managed to capture some nice stock shots, then just before sunset the sun burst through and cliffs were illuminated by golden evening light. Once these shots were in the bag, I returned to my vantage point to capture the sunset and I wasn’t disappointed. The pre-sunset sky was good, but the sky just lit up once the sun had set. Remember never, ever leave a sunset until well after the sun has set as the afterglow is often the best bit as it was last Saturday.


I returned to my tent and set the alarm for early and got a few hours sleep. 4 am soon came around and I headed to Selwick Bay a couple of miles down the road. The sky looked interesting as I made my way down the many steps to the bay, but as sunrise approached, the sky lit up as it had done the previous evening only much better and what a sight! It’s moments like this that really make getting up so early worthwhile. The pink sky lasted a full 10 minutes, so I was able to work both sides of the bay and capture several variations on the scene, so all in all a very productive 24 hours.


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