Castle Howard Dawn

One of the skills you need as a landscape photographer is to become a good amateur weather forecaster. So it was with mounting frustration that I watched the weather forecast predict 90% cloud cover only for me to miss several amazing sunrises and sunsets on days I wasn’t expecting them to happen!

Come Saturday evening the sky looked slightly pink again, but I decided it wouldn’t come to much only for the sky to light up like it was on fire moments later! There is a photographers saying that all the best sunsets are seen from the supermarket car park and I couldn’t agree more. Needles to say I went to bed on Saturday night in poor humour, but tomorrow’s always another day……..

We set the alarm for early and woke up well before dawn on a clear, frosty morning, so headed for Castle Howard. As we walked round the lake, the wild fowl were just waking up and making an amazing row. We were slightly disappointed by the lack of mist and colour in the sky, but still a beautiful frosty bright morning and a joy to out in the landscape.


Once we finished at Castle Howard, we decided to have one last go at shooting stock autumn colour, so headed off via Terrington woods to Hovingham woods. The colours were still vibrant in the woods and the light on the frosty grasses was wonderful, so we were not short of subject matter. By the time we’d got the shots we were looking for, the sky clouded over so we headed home happy knowing we had a few good shots in the bag.



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